Fatal Flaws That Will Doom Your eLearning Programs

We have such good intentions. We recognize the importance of offering eLearning to round out our training portfolio. We’ve set aside a pilot budget to get started. And we’ve established our “go live” goals. What could go wrong? So many things. Think of this fledgling eLearning program as a Tragic Hero from your college literature […]

Staple Yourself to Your Learner

The summer of 2004 HBR published a brilliant article by Shapiro, Rangan and Sviokla revolutionizing how we evaluate a customer experience. Don’t just ask them how it went, staple yourself to an order. While they were talking about selling products, the kernel idea translates beautifully to any customer oriented (read member centered) industry. To understand your customers’ experience, […]

Resistance is Futile: The eLearning Imperative

The back-to-school season conjures great childhood memories. The smell of new leather shoes and sharpened pencils. Picking out the first-day outfit. Breaking in fresh notebooks. Wrapping my textbooks in brown paper sacks. I’m amused how extraordinarily different my kids’ experiences are now. Here’s a peek: It’s the first Friday of the new school year – […]

Halt! Your Visuals Are Under Arrest

Your presentation slides have the right to remain silent – whether for eLearning or f2f sessions – anything they depict may be used against you in this blog. This is for your learner’s protection! Can we agree session presenters could use some help designing their slides? Can we agree SMEs collaborating with us on eLearning […]

Incremental Innovations: SME ProD

Welcome back! We’re rounding toward the finish of the Incremental Innovations series – 7 blogs featuring high yield steps lifted from my Education Success Scorecard’s 25 drivers to advance your programs. We’ve touched upon Mapping your content terrain and identifying your content priorities (Activities included), Profiling your learners so you can target programs more effectively, […]

Quickest Route from Idea to Action

If you’ve attended one of my sessions or shot the breeze with me about learning design, there’s a high likelihood the conversation took a turn into what it takes for new ideas to catch hold. I’m pretty passionate about it because a large percentage of breakout sessions, webinars, and eLearning courses are designed as information […]

Read This Before Scheduling an LMS Demo

When in the market for a new piece of technology, it’s natural to stop by the store and compare your options. Appropriate for a nice pair of wireless headphones, lightning fast laptop, or a shiny new HD TV. And helpful to compare features and reviews of mobile apps, software, or plugins. Which is why it […]

Prove It: Measuring eLearning Success

I planted a garden again this spring, blessed with help to clear the weeds from my veggie patch and turn the soil. We selected varieties of plants that would be low maintenance (for a solopreneur mother of four) and lovingly welcomed them to grow. I’ve got yellow pear tomatoes and sugar sweet grape tomatoes in there. […]

Objects [Your Competitors] Are Closer Than They Appear

A few years ago I took my first trip to the Grand Canyon. When people say that pictures can’t capture the Canyon’s magnificence, they know what they’re talking about. We stayed at a ranch on the Canyon rim. We helicoptered into the Canyon to meet our crew (ridiculously awesome!). And we spent three days rafting the […]

Incremental Innovations: 3M’s for a Learning #WIN

This week we’re getting our first peek inside the US Bank Stadium here in Minneapolis – the Viking’s spectacular new home. At the beginning of the building project I worked downtown just a few blocks from the construction site. There was a constant flow of people (like me!) year round stopping by to witness this […]